The Real Slim Shady

Guess who’s back? Back again? Kootch is back! Tell a friend (if you have any, of course… we aren’t against people that don’t have friends, cos, neither do we! People blame the puns… I blame Dean…) We figured some kind of intangible link to Eminem was somehow better than a Shining-esque homage to a serial killer of ‘hereeeeeeeee’s KOOTCH!’.


So yes, here we are. Back again. Smashing through your toilet door to tell you, hey, we’re back, sorry for the axe brandishing but, you know what, at least neither of us has learnt to play banjo in our hiatus. Rather the axe, are we right?!


We digress… SO, yes, we have been away for a while. Massive THANK YOU to all those that have been patient with us. We have moved house, learnt to drive, got a new job, got divorced (not from each other), got engaged (to each other), started planning a wedding (to each other, again), booked a wedding (do I need to say it again? I’m sure you get the picture… We’re getting married, to each other, just in case you forgot), and built, from scratch, a soundproof studio… All in the space of six months while also working full time! We have decided not to join the circus, we feel the we have done exceptionally well at juggling (and also, a bit of lion taming) but, we are exhausted and ready to do what we wanna do… MUSIC!


If you have missed us, we missed you too! If you haven’t missed us, well, you’re just mean, and I hope someone in your family learns the melodeon. It’s the least you deserve.


Having ostracised two sets of instrument players, without further ado, and with much ado about nothing, with no more to do, brand new hair do’s and if you don’t know the words just sing a shooby dooby doo doo… We (do) hope you like our new song.

Back in My Day is a Kootch original and an introduction to The Nook. The Nook is a place of love, laughter, kith, kin and of course, cwtch. It’s an exciting new chapter in the life of Kootch and we can’t wait to turn the pages with you all.


Love, harmonies, cwtch.
Yours ever faithful,