Bob Marley’s Porridge

Just like how Bob Marley likes his porridge, wi’ jam in.


We had the fantastically talented Maisie Wilson and Tilly Ramsden visit the Kootch Nook this afternoon. Needless to say they saw the bodhran and a jam sesh it just had be.


Ol’ Tilly Rammo and Maisery Business, as they are now known on the folk circuit, played an eclectic mix of nursery rhymes, with Ol’ Tilly on the drumming and Maisery on lead Lorenzo. (For those of you that may not of heard of Lorenzo - a 1960s kooky electric accordion - the instrument is featured in our official Blackbird video, inbetween the chorus and the verse).

After the phenomenal talent of the two, we thought about just quitting the folk circuit and smashing our guitars into little pieces.


However, we did the second best thing and just hit our guitars with sticks. This actually turned into a song. Funny how things work out. I imagine this is how most people end up learning the banjo?