Where's Kootch?

The title of this blog piece is meant to be representative of ‘Where’s Wally’. We are here to comfort you, to tell you that we have not been lost amongst swathes of similarly dressed folk. Although, this does sometimes happen at folk festivals… We do love our socks and sandals don’t we?!

Anyway. The news on the vine is that we have moved house. Or rather, we have chosen a different set of bricks, in a completely different location, to call home.

Our fireplace and garden furniture is now made of upcycled pallets, our walls are Hulk green (B&Q called it Sherwood… But Hulk is just so much cooler), and our skirting boards and trimming are black… Because white is for squares and lah-hoo-zers (sorry mum!).

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 17.49.30.jpg

So, the garden and the living room is very much Kootch, just slight ornamentation in the room and we are all good. All good to start on the next big reveal… The Kootch garage. This will be a space for kin and kith alike, a soundproofed abode to get together, to make, to laugh and to love. We appreciate everyone that has been patient with us so far as we settle in and create our next great making space. We will be back on the scene next year. As for now, take a look at our latest BIG news!

Maids when you’re young…