Oh, hi there!
Whether you have come here of your own volition (unlikely), have been forced here because you are a friend of ours (more likely), or you have stumbled upon us while looking for cats on the internet (most likely), let us tell you a little about ourselves.
We try not to put ourselves in a box (we have weird dimensions, so we tend not to fit), but if we were to, we suppose, we might fit into the box of folk music.
We enjoy what we sing (our own material and covers), so our audiences seem to, too (or maybe it’s my bad puns throughout? Ah, but there’s no such thing as a bad pun. Think what you like, a good pun is its own reword anyway…). You might see our little motto flying around: we make things for ourselves, by ourselves, of ourselves. We hope you like our music and what we do, but we also do it for ourselves, for the love of it. That is what we believe in the most. Do whatever makes you happy and you can never lose. Write what you want, sing what you want, love who you want and everything else can catch up or fall behind.
The origin of our band name is a bit of a twist. Kootch derives from our favourite Welsh word ‘cwtch’ (pronounced k-uh-ch). There is no English equivalent but if we were to try, it is a safe place in a room or two people’s hearts. Cwtch is more than just a cuddle. It is the entire, all encompassing, safe and warm feeling/place you get from the embrace of the one you love. We hope you all feel cwtch’d on our site. Warm, safe, and loved.

Love and harmonies,