It’s really great writing these blogs, especially when it comes to blogs like this. We work all week which often means we have to come to doing blogs a little later on, or the weekend after. We have had a great time looking back over pictures and reliving The Folk Forest. It’s given us a happy, warm, cwtch feeling, and here is why:


Okay so, as per, the blog does have to start with complaints about public transport. Dean knows how travel anxious Beth gets. So, days before travel, Dean writes a very detailed plan of action to ensure there is ample time between bus changes and Beth knows that nothing could possibly go wrong.

So, to cut what could be a very long story short, imagine Beth’s surprise after waiting for half an hour for a connection, that they were not only waiting for the wrong bus, but also at the wrong bus stop.


So, it was a quick run from the bus station to the police station (after Beth freaked out and caused Dean grievous bodily harm). To be completely fair to Dean, this is the first time this had ever happened in two years of catching buses, trains, donkeys, roller-skates, saddled old women...


After catching the right bus from the right stop, we were on our way. In true public transport style, we were snarled at for our instruments taking up one seat on what was otherwise an empty bus. Of course, we awkwardly moved everything so the lady could sit in the seat she so desperately wanted to sit in. We sat for most of the journey feeling like Buckaroo from that game… What was it called? Where the Donkey carries so much it bucks? ‘Don’t Be An Ass’, maybe?


Anyway, we did make it, and that’s the point! Music lifted from the park, bearded men wandered the streets, socks and sandals everywhere, and that was just Dean. We would like to say that we loved to be playing at a festival that had actual toilets rather than port-a-loos (although, they had them too, just in case that is one of the features of a festival you would miss…). Beth often finds at festivals that her irrational fear of port-a-loos turns into a very real and rational fear of wetting herself on stage.

Everyone was in great spirits (and I don’t just mean Gin and tonic, although that probably helped). The Bird Table Stage was well set and sounded great. People sat all over on little picnic blankets, camping chairs, sausage dogs. There were probably as many children and dogs as there were leather waistcoats and hats. There was so much to do. Wanted food? Food stall. Kids bored? Craft stalls. Want clean air? STAG, tree justice for Sheffield, stall.


It was great to see some familiar faces as we started to play. Sign of a Teaspoon playing the role of Paparazzi (big thanks to Ian Tillbrook for the photos of us playing). Cecilie, Simon, Katy, Ian (Almond and Tillbrook) as backing singers (that’s right we saw you). Last but not least a massive thank you to to our backing dancers - Batman and the Princesses. That right, you saw right, we have Batman on our side, and let me tell you, you might not know this but, great dancer. Really great. Bigly.

A young gentleman made the time to come over and tell us how much he enjoyed our set and enjoyed dancing. We’re sorry we didn’t get your name, but you need to know you made our day, weekend, week, month.


The Folk Forest was absolutely what it is all about for us. We don’t just mean the AMAZING Farrerro Rocher milkshakes from the cafe. We mean everything. A festival that is still FREE. Somewhere that parents can take their children for the day (and their Batman, obviously). Somewhere that like-minded people can get together, eat food, make crafts, and rage against the Amey machines. Dogs tails were wagging, kids were dancing, Beth was urinating in comfort.


If you want an easy, fun weekend, where everyone is welcome (and did we mention you can wee in comfort?), The Folk Forest is the place for you. 

If you want to listen to 'This Old Guitar' as we played it live at TFF, then click below!
Big thanks to Forge Radio for all your time and effort over the weekend.