Kootch Backyard Get-Together

We had some friends over for a night in the Kootch backyard, to natter ideas together for the Kootch wedding party in November…


So, turns out we’re having some music from Sign of a Teaspoon (yay), Ichabod Wolf (yay), Keith Ford (yay), and, erm, Kootch (yay). Which means a mix of hip ukulele eighties synth-pop covers, some poetic beauties of down-beat soul beautiful, some fun-filled geordie rap concerning knife crime, and a thirty-eight verse folk ballad about her loved one going off to sea (maybe not)… Yay.


We’ve even got ace kooky photographer Sophie Pitchford in there to do her thing. And, it looks like we’re going to have the ceremony conducted by a vicar priest shaman character that will no doubt be as weird as fudge. Yay. All is well.