The Burney Folk Club

There is a bit of a back story before we can get into the nitty gritty of the night. So, Beth has started a plastic free (or at least, reduced) journey. This has led her to buy deodorant from Lush. All natural seems to come with its own smells, which Beth loves, Dean is not so sold on. The club is based at The Gardeners Rest in Sheffield. Beth, having parked in Doncaster, started the evening smelling delightfully of y’lang y’lang and top soil.


Charley start the night of beautifully (we expect no less) in a rather fabulous pair of shoes from a flea market. Fleas are either massive these days, or Charley is a lot smaller than I thought as they seem to fit perfect. She did mention that she got a good price for them though, there being six in total and her only needing two.


It was great to see some old faces (that of course, look very very young!!) and hear the FANTASTIC news that Charley will soon be living the dream and singing in Tenerife! Where it’s mostly hot! And the volcano is only mostly active! And you can drink mostly sangria and no one will judge you! Hooray!


It was an absolute honour to be the last people to play the club with Charley as MC, but fear not ye selfish bum biscuits, she has left it in very capable hands, and it will still be running!

Screenshot 2019-06-22 at 18.56.25.jpeg

The club was full, the lighting was ace, the acoustics were good too. It being in an upstairs room, there is no noise from the bar and a big plus for most is it’s all real ale (although Judle - Beth’s mum/no1 fan/roadie/part time stalker/sorry Judle /we’re just joking - didn’t appreciate the fact there was no Fosters for a lager top).


Thank you so much to everyone that attended and showed their support. Your support of the club, your support of us (We can now afford to buy Beth a skirt that isn’t made from the remnants of her nan’s old carpet) and your support of live music will always make a massive difference, you are keeping music alive and we couldn’t be more grateful.


SO just to say thanks, here’s a new song. Premiered at the Burney Folk Club, never seen before, we hope you like it.

Love, harmonies, cwtch,