The Ballad of Bad Luck John

Allow us to introduce you to John. He’s a hard working coal miner from Derbyshire. John is a little down on his luck at the moment. He works long hours, followed by a pint at the pub, then he goes home to his wife of 20 years. John lives a simple life, but he has big dreams, he won’t always be a miner.


10 hours in to his 12 hour shift, John is sweating, dehydrated, ready for his pint at the pub, maybe a little delirious. His canary starts to sing a magical tune and for the first time ever, John understands.


John must listen to what the canary has to offer, but he must make up his mind soon, as the canary warns him, this magic little bird may not be around much longer to grant his wish….

Oh… bad luck John…