The Big Reveal

So, for the more vigilant of you, you may remember we posted a picture of some Sharpies across social media about a week ago. For the less vigilant of you, we posted a picture of some Sharpies across social media about a week ago. For the more cat orientated of you, you may have noticed there was a cat in the corner with a shocked face. This has nothing to do with our announcement, but hey, if we can't post pictures of cats on the internet, then where can we? Certainly not through our neighbours door. Or, at least, not any more... Not after the restraining order...

We have released our debut album, and best of all, we did it all for ourselves. Like the only instrument that was left at Primary school, we recorder(d) the CD's. Like Beth's Sunday roasts, we burnt the tracks down. And like the cheater at the world Origami championships, we folded the CD cases and glued them together.


Days, weeks, months, MILLENNIA, has gone into these CD's, so that we could create something that we are really proud of and happy to call cwtch. Each CD label is hand written and therefore each CD is completely unique. 

All CD's will be ready to post by 20th April, but you can pre order them now. Or, we will be bringing a handful to each gig we play, so come along and see us and then listen to us in the car on the way home (I know my mum will...). At £5 they are an absolute bargain because they are versatile. Here are it's top eight uses:
1. To listen to (primary and preferred use)
2. Frisbees
3. Coasters
4. Punishment for naughty children. (And they should think themselves lucky, we had Chris De Burgh)
5. Boomerang (one way)
6. Hoops for your flea circus
7. Pizza cutter (or as we like to call it, knife and folk)
8. A very small plate, for dieters (no pizza for you!)

Find your one way boomerang here