Artistic frustrations

Because, putting the word 'artistic' in front of 'frustration' makes it all okay.

Sometimes things just aren't on your side: When your team passes the ball to another teammate in front of all the other players on the other team (off side?), the covers when you are in bed with Dean (on his side), and recording equipment when you think you have smashed it (leaving you really wanting to smash it). 

IMG_0696 2.jpg

So, Saturday night, we thought we nailed it (coffin puns welcome). We took down all the recording equipment, unplugged the mic from the computer and we sat down to edit. We matched up the starting peaks of the audio to the starting peaks the camera had picked up. Super, everything was smashing, super, great. Only, by the first verse, everything was was out of synch and while the audio was playing 'The Tree's They Do Grow High' our lips might as well be singing instrumental jazz. 

Somehow - The camera had recorded things slower than they actually happened. Call in the photographer fwiends... They had no idea either, it was just one of those freak things, like flash floods or bearded ladies. 

So, we saved up Dean's tears, in case we needed them for future rituals, and we set up and started again. This is what happened.

Note: our elation at the end. 

(now you have to watch it till the end... Ha!)