When we are unapolo getically apathetic

(Say that ten times, fast, stood on ‘yer head!)


Sometimes we get a bit flat. Like a pancake. Like a tortilla. Like a cat on the motorway. Life is knocking at the door and hey! We don’t wanna adult right now, thankyouverymuch. It’s then that we have to kick down the reinforced pillows of our blanket fort and say NO apathy, not today! It’s time to pick up that mandolin that you still aren’t sure you really deserve, tune that 12 string that, for reasons only known to itself, would rather be tuned to an instrumental jazz kinda vibe and make a video, do something creative.

So what if you can’t get dressed? You’ve burnt your pillow fort and you are ready to face the world the only way you know how… In your pyjamas!

So, rise up our fellow meat bags of emotion, put on your best dancing slippers, and do what yo’ papi told ya, sing!