Today, Kootch has had a session at home. A full day ahead to jam (on toast), practise (napping) and get some stuff recorded (actual work). 

So with that in mind, we gobbled our toast (or crumpets… Neither of which had jam on, sorry for lying), and got on with it.

The main thing to remember was to try and forget. This might sound daft (punk) but when the camera and the recording equipment is rolling, the pressure really feels on (like Donkey Kong).

After a few attempts and, with Derek’s help, we managed to get a recording and some footage of Dublin in the Rare Old Times. Having finished this, we had been up for nearly three hours (!) and Derek suggested we take a catnap. Who are we to question Derek and his motives?

So we recharged and decided that the next step would be to finally record our own song. My mandolin had just come back from repair from Hobgoblin (Leeds) and it was singing away softly in the background ‘plaaaaaaay meeeeeee’. So we did and here we are.

A nap, some crumpets, and more than a few miniature chocolates later, here we are. The finished products. We hope you enjoy.

Love, harmonies, cwtch.