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Littleborough Unplugged - DN22 0HD

Kootch headlining

Sign of a Teaspoon Support

Come on down to this beautiful Norman Church of St.Nicholas. It is in the middle of NOWHERE, so when your SatNav tells you there to turn down the mile long cul-de-sac, it really is a mile long cul-de-sac. Tickets can be pre-booked for £8 or £10 on the door.

Bring yer own butt cushions!

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Press release from Littleborough Unplugged:

LITTLEBOROUGH UNPLUGGED are acoustic music concerts featuring the best of national and international performers. These are held, from April to September, in the tiny Norman Church of St. Nicholas, Littleborough (DN22 0HD); an acoustically and aesthetically excellent intimate venue. The concert proceeds support Britain’s historic architectural heritage via the Churches Conservation Trust.

There’s a fantastic start to the 2018 season with Kootch & Sign of a Teaspoon appearing at Littleborough Unplugged at 8pm on Saturday 28-Apr (email info); take a look at “Kootch - If I Were a Blackbird” and “Sign of a Teaspoon - Blue Monday” on YouTube.

KOOTCH – Derbyshire based duo combining the angelic voice of Beth Aveyard and the deft guitar skills of Dean Lilleyman, Kootch play a range of contemporary and traditional folk songs, and even throw in their own material from time to time.  The name Kootch derives from the Welsh 'cwtch', meaning the warm, safe place created by the embrace of a loved one and Kootch hope to recreate this feeling with their music.

“Playing beautiful folk music, with lovely harmonies, they will have you alternating between laughter and tears, but always watching in stunned amazement.” (Banner Cross)

SIGN OF A TEASPOON – If you enjoyed teenage years at any time through the 1980s, Sign of a Teaspoon will play your record collection on three ukuleles.  They have deconstructed many of your synth-pop favourites, and a few other classics, and rearranged them for three part ukulele and vocal harmonies. Come and listen, sing along, tap your feet or dance, they will send you home with an ear-worm or two.

“Added Uke-tasticness from Sign of a Teaspoon.” (Scott Doonican, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican)

Help preserve beautiful historic churches by spending an evening listening to great music.